FTTX Solution

FTTx Solutions

Starcom provides FTTx solutions for service providers to deliver Triple Play Service based on both Active Ethernet and GEPON technologies.

Depending on different customer bases and optical network infrastructures, service providers can choose Active Ethernet or GEPON technology to deliver FTTH/FTTB solutions. Active Ethernet is suitable for service providers who have abundant fiber optics in point-to-point topology; while GEPON needs service providers to deploy a point-to-multipoint ODN with well-designed network architecture, splitting fibers at appropriate points.

No matter which technology the service provider chooses, he will be able to deliver Triple Play Services including Internet access, IPTV and IP Telephony to the customers. Especially for CATV operators, the Starcom GEPON system can be integrated in the CATV operators' existing fiber network to deliver Internet access and IP telephony services with no interference with his current CATV services.

FTTx Solution based on GEPON

Deliver FTTH/FTTB Triple Play Services with GEPON

FFTTx Solution based on Active Ethernet

Deliver FTTH/FTTB Triple Play Services with Active Ethernet